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1. Castle Size: the Castle comes in three size. It start out as small and we can expand it at the guild administrator just like how we purchased it.Since the castle is open 24/7, you can go in that’s already owned and start burning anytime, but the enemy guild will most likely teleport back to defend.

A Guide to Guild Conquest | Facebook A Guide to Guild Conquest Guild Conquest has evolved into a rather massive and complicated part of Castle Age, but don't give up without trying, as at the end of the learning curve you'll find a complex and interesting feature. Castle Age Generals -VERY IMPORTANT Tips and Tools Castle Age Generals -VERY IMPORTANT Tips and Tools. Ability: Recharge 15 Stamina up to your max when you attack in battles or monsters once per 23 hours. Analysis: Zin's ability is remarkable. She adds 15 more stamina to the amount you regen per day. You can have as much as 303 stamina regeneratd per 24 hours.

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Mar 19, 2011 · The guild master can be changed to a different member at a later point. The guild master will choose the guild name, which must be unique and cannot be changed, and the guild banner at that time. In order for a guild to show up on the guild list, the guild must have a minimum of five guild …