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NDS Flash Carts : iTouch DS, Slot-1 flash linker for Nintendo iTouch DS, Slot-1 flash linker for Nintendo DS/Lite, Micro SDHC (w/o memory) GBA Backup Tool - GameBrew - a wiki dedicated to Video Game GBA Backup Tool is a tool that allows us to extract the rom and the save of original GBA cartridge. With this version, user can remove game saves that are formatted Eeprom.

Cart and save dump tool - Slot-2 by Rudolph. Dump your carts and original saves to a Slot-2 flashcard. v0.4 (28th-12-2008): Autmatic Translation: Recent SAVE a lot of Flash, so that software can not recognize I ini file settings to allow. Also, SAVE tried to change the name of the file. The second one is automatic now available at this exact name.

вопрос о NDS Backup tool 3-in-1 и GBA ExpLoader, как оно… Вроде как вычитал что нужно прои помощи NDS Backup tool 3-in-1чего-то там сдампить, затем получившийся файл PASSCARD3_AMFE00. ndsIf your SLOT1 flash card supports soft reset, you can use it asвот для этого мне и нужно понять как работает NDS Backup tool 3-in-1, чтобы получить...

The tool used depends on which Slot-2 cart you have. If you have an EZFlash 3in1 the tool to dump games (a.k.a. Rom Backup) and backup saves is NDS Backup Tool 3in1. By default this tool will back up to /NDS_Backup though this location can be changed in the included INI file.

Nds backup tool slot2 | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Aug 06, 2010 · Someone did publish a guide a while back on how to do it with a slot 1 card & an FTP Server here (If you're using this guide here is the download for the NDS Backup Tool WiFi by Rudolph) OP wants to back up the NDS game to the memory of the Slot-2 device because WiFi takes a long time. NDS Backup Tool Slot2 - GameBrew - a wiki dedicated to Rom Backup: A - updated as a backup with the contents of the dumped ROM B - NDS create a new file, make a backup of the contents of the dumped ROM. Common: X - replacement of the NDS ROM Slot-1 Start - exit program Media NDS Backup Tool Slot2 0.4 download (411.3KB) » NDS

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DS-Scene - View Topic: NDS Backup Tool Slot 2/Wifi Aug 18, 2007 · NDS Backup tool slot 2 (test version) For use on a slot 2 device, this is a tool that will back up not only save data/restore but also the ROM image. As I am concerned about damage to the ROM save data and so on, please be sure that you use this tool at your own risk. First steps/introduction