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Worst Bad Beats Online and Offline When it comes to bad beats, everyone thinks they have a story to top them all, rightfully so. When you suffer a bad beat, it.

Illusion Poker :: All about Poker - Avoiding the Horrible Bad Every poker tournament will feature instances of bad beats and you can go to poker school and learn poker until the cows come home and sadly, you will still not be able to avoid a bad beat once in awhile. Bad Beats Be Gone! “But then, I live with two other online grinders, and both of them are big bemoaners, so it seems only fair that they should have to listen to my bad beat stories too.” Contest: Tell Us Your Bad Beat Story | Cardplayer Lifestyle The votes are in for the poker player with the best bad beat story video. Congrats to Shimi "the Fish" Weiss, who won our $100 contest. Watch his video!

Nobody likes to hear a bad beat story, but there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a cruel bad beat on TV! Join PokerStars as we count down five of the sickest bad beats of all time. Come ...

Poker Bloggers Get $1,000 for Best Bad Beat Story The bad beat contest started yesterday and it will be accepting the first 25 applicants who post a link to their story on Compatiblepoker's blog comment section. If more than 25 want to spill their bad beat stories then Compatiblepoker will double it to 50 applicants and give two $1,000 winners. Bad Beat Stories from 3 Poker Pros on The New Yorker A recent video from The New Yorker shows Bad Beat stories from poker pros Nick Schulman, Jamie Kerstetter and Asher Conniff.. The New Yorker has rounded them up to the most “Shocking, Stressful and Regrettable” hands.

I thought a bad beat was when a player was strong favourite when the money went in, but lost because the opponent got lucky with the community-card(s) that followed. You were behind when the money went in and remained behind. Indeed, your opponent would have been unlucky if you had hit one of your ten outs.

OMG! Bad beats in Poker! - PokerStars School Bad beats have been around since the existence of poker and always will be. It's also true that people love telling bad beat stories. It's a kind of masochism, bringing up a traumatic memory again and again, but that's just human nature. Gambling Urban Legend Stories- Pai Gow Poker Envy Bonus ...

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Jan 18, 2018 ... A player identified as Scott (last name unknown) took the brunt of it in a $1/$2 NLH cash game when he ... It's rare for any poker room's bad beat jackpot to come even close to hitting $1 million. ... Legendary Bad Beat Tales. Bad Beat Jackpot - Online Poker Winning